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Joe Bender

Turnaround Management Consultant

I have been blessed with opportunities to lead manufacturing plants in the United States, Germany, and Brazil. I love working with teams through turnarounds, greenfield startups, plant consolidations, acquisitions, and periods of stagnation. I've stood where you stand—on the plant floor, facing challenges head-on. Here is what I have learned over the past 25 years:  you and your existing team have the capacity to learn, grow, and triumph over any challenge ahead. Innerwork was born out of this realization and my drive to be more than just a consultant—to be your partner, coach, and change agent. Let's unleash that potential together!

Multi-Industry Experience

Through years of hands-on management, I've developed a broad repertoire of skills and insights. My experience touches on the following sectors:



Spearheaded a three plant brownfield consolidation, operating as a Tier 1 supplier to GM, Ford, and Toyota. My role was critical in navigating complex supply chain dynamics and optimizing production processes.

Stainless Steel & Nickel Alloy Fabrication:

Led multiple manufacturing sites producing stainless steel and nickel alloy tubing, pipe, fittings, and wire mesh filters.

Renewable Energy:

Managed multiple facilities where we produced fiberglass composite wind turbine blades, serving major customers like General Electric. I was nominated to lead the greenfield startup in Brazil for LM Wind Power.

Building Materials:

Steered factories that specialized in insulated concrete forms and hard board, contributing to sustainable building solutions.

Each industry has sharpened a different facet of my skill set, making me agile and adept at problem-solving, regardless of your manufacturing niche.

Why Innerwork?

You're not just hiring a consultant; you're gaining a partner committed to your success. I offer more than just textbook theories; I bring decades of hands-on, proven expertise in change management, operational efficiency, employee development, and health & safety. I understand the real-world challenges because I’ve faced them myself.

Based in Northern Michigan with a second office in West Michigan, I have a deep commitment to supporting local, small-to-medium-sized manufacturing businesses. I can be there when you need me, whether it’s for in-person consultation, remote strategy sessions, or a blend of both.

If you're seeking a collaborator who appreciates the value of hard work and aims to unlock the untapped potential in your team, then it's time we talked. Let's connect today and start the journey toward elevating your operations.

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